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BIG News from Mark Coker: Smashwords Introduces Assetless Preorders

18 Jun

The blog post I’m sharing with you here definitely suits my fancy!

This article by the ever innovative Mark Coker ~ an indie author advocate from way back ~ is a game changer for new indie releases. Do yourself a favor: if you have a new release, don’t release it until you’ve read this article! It should change completely how you decide to unveil your book.

Seriously, this is BIG! For the link to the full article, click below.

Until we meet again on my Anything That Suits My Fancy blog, may angels and blessings be with each of you!


Marsha Roberts, Author

Confessions of an Instinctively Mutinous Baby Boomer and her Parable of the Tomato Plant


Smashwords Introduces Assetless Preorders (aka “Metadata Only” preorders).



13 Nov

Ever thought about launching a crowd funding campaign? Curious about how it works? Then this blog is for you!

Several months ago I realized I had taken my book as far as I could without some marketing money. People really love it, but as you know, it’s hard to stand out in the crowd of so many ebooks without placing ads, etc. So after a great deal of research as to what worked and what didn’t with other campaigns, we launched “Marketing the Miraculous Mutinous Boomer Book!” on IndieGoGo. In this RectorWriter blog post, Bob shares what went into the making of the pitch video.

If you’ve ever thought about doing a crowd funding campaign yourself, this should interest you very much! We are now full into the project and I’ll be blogging on my experiences in researching how best to go about this, putting together all the initial material and the follow through that has to be done daily. It’s quite an undertaking! But I’ve always believed that I was given the lessons in “Confessions of an Instinctively Mutinous Baby Boomer and her Parable of the Tomato Plant” to share with as many people as possible. And I intend to do just that! Hopefully, this Indiegogo campaign will give a real boost to our efforts. You’ll find a link to our Indiegogo campaign in Bob’s blog and we would very much appreciate it if you would take a moment to go there, Like & Share it, etc. ~ thanks in advance!

Click the link below for Bob’s blog.


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